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No Ordinary Lady


Hannelore, known to her family and friends as Lori, she was a beautiful woman with wavy, brunette hair that had golden highlights and a little past her shoulders. She normally wore her hair in a neat bun behind her head. Her cheeks were rosy and soft blue-grayeyes, which were warm and friendly. Though there were times when it appeared as if she could see into to your very soul with them, especially if you had done something you shouldn’t have.

 Lori’s smile was one that lit up her whole face; her voice was soft and gentle, yet heavily accented with German.  

She rarely raised her voice for she believed, “that it was the tone of your voice that made the difference, not the volume. Lori had beautiful hands; they were slender hands with long fingers, which would fly over the keyboard of an accordion. While she played, she sung, the music filled the room with a heavenly sound. One by one, her children would come and sit on the floor near her knee. Their small voices out of key as they sang along. However, that didn’t matter to her, for what made her music so special was that it came from her heart.

As did everything that, she did. She enjoyed telling her children about her homeland, Germany, getting  a far away look in her eyes and  transporting them  away with over the ocean  to a land of tall trees, stately mountains. Of swimming in the sea and playing with small colorful jellyfish.  To the small farm where she  helped her mother with taking care of the younger children and  fed the chickens and slopped the pigs..  

Even the plants that livened up Lori’s home seemed to bask in her warmth, growing lovelier than the neighbors. Perhaps it was the tender way she spoke to each plant as she watered it or removed the dead leaves and flowers

.  Or maybe it was the way she made sure that they were by the right window with just the right amount of light. Whatever it was, they responded by growing larger with bigger and brighter flowers. Moreover, it wasn’t just plants that they grew from her loving touch, but all that she met.

Lori was never too busy to read to one of her small children or just dropping by at a neighbor who just needed to talk.  Somehow, she always found time in her busy schedule of taking care of her home and family to write or call to one of her many siblings. Lori had a way of lifting others, making them feel that they were special, beyond the ordinary.

God was very important to Lori, her children would come home from school and often finding her sitting on the sofa reading from his holy script.  Her strong faith became very evident when she was diagnosed with cancer.  Her believe in a higher being  or His love for her never wavered, though there were times she wondered …why?

If I close my eyes, I can still see, petite woman as she sat, at her kitchen table peeling potatoes for her family’s evening meal. Her auburn hair covered by a red kerchief.  Her clothing is not of the latest fashion but old worn, blue jeans and a loose buttoned-up shirt, over which she wears a pink worn sweater. She hummed softly as she worked, her eyes twinkling with the happiness.  At first glance, she wasn’t much to look at and to most people meeting her for the first time she was nobody special, just an ordinary housewife.  However, to me she wasn't ordinary she was extraordinary lady... she was my Mom.

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