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Poetry of the Heart



We were friends

before the eons of time.

Laughing and learning together

in heaven’s gardens.

When the time came for us

to pass through mortality’s gate.

At Earth’s veil of forgetting, I hesitated.

How would I recognized your face,

if all of heaven’s memories were erased?

“By my smile,” you gentle reassured

disappearing from my sight.

Years have come and gone

my life has entwined with many others,

your words forgotten,

an empty space within me remained.

What I searched for I couldn’t recall.

And then, one day I heard your voice,

awakening something familiar deep within,

memories long forgotten

from beyond the veil of time.

Your face I did not know,

to me you were a stranger,

until you smiled your smile unlike any other.

Warming my soul, joy filling the empty space.

I know I had found what I was searching for…

YOU, my friend.

Christmas Gift


It’s that time of year again

When the snow does softly, fall

upon on the world.

To cover it with a blanket of white.

Turning our thoughts to a special night

of so very long ago.

the night that our Savior was born.

A manager in a humble stable was

his bed.

Where shepherds worshipped Him,

kneeling on the ground.

As angels sung overhead,

praises to the Most High God

to thank Him for His Son.

He sent to us as gift, here below.

It was his love for us that brought Him here.

So at this Christmas time, as we remember his birth.

Let’s give Him a gift too, by following him

the whole year thorough

My Sister


I know a little girl who is a real clown

And she’ll surely not make you frown.


She can be a real good jest

But sometimes she’s a pest.


She sings like a lark

Although she’s afraid of the dark.


Dubs is her nickname

Because she is such a fine dame.


She has a bunny hop

Which is a real mop.


On her flute she’ll play you a toot

Which is real cute.


Her temper will flare

When she’s in a snare.


Her smile can bring you no harm

For her love is very warm.


She likes to read her books

Not caring much about her looks.


Wearing pants or dress

She’s sure to impress.


My sister, is she I do believe

Is a real relief.




Gossip flies                        

  like feathers blown                             

       before the wind.

Gossips cuts

   like tiny sharp piece of

         broken glass

Gossip spreads

   like a wild burnin’ prairie fire

       uncaring of the damage done

Oh, why do people talk

    about others who’s shoes

            they have never worn?

Their tongues wagging with

    untruths, that tear down

      words that can never be


Hard feelings result

    between neighbors

       families and friends.

Hating instead of loving

   distrust replaces trust

The Savior’s words have gone to


           To love one another

               as He loved us.

The Battle

A battle within me rages...

For I hurt you deeply with the things I said and did.

You say nothing yet I can tell by the hurt

hidden there deep within your eyes.

No tears fall from them as you cry silently within.

A battle within me rages...

I know that I should say that, "I am sorry"

Three of the hardest words to say.

 Yet, I hear another voice say that I did nothing wrong.

Why should I be the one to apologize?

It is your fault that there is trouble between us not mine.

I am in the right, not you.

A battle with in me rages...

For I hear the first voice say,

that I shouldn’t of said and do those things.

Go and apologize.

It will help wipe the tears away and mend a broken heart.

Our differences we can resolve, if, but we talk heart to heart.

Therefore, the battle within me rages.

Will I do what’s right and say I’m sorry even though it is so hard to say?

 Or do I listen to my pride, why would I admit to being wrong?

It is your fault not mine that I feel this way.

Emotions of distrust and anger growing within me.

A wall between us is built tearing us apart.

Until no love remains between us

Only a distance cold and loneliness lingers there.

A battle rages within me.

Whom the battle will win?

My pride or my heart?

Which way will I go?

Water Melon Time

 Hey, Its water melon time again

      My one favorite time of year.

Its  time for that yummy fruit

      I really like to eat.

 Its green on the out side and sometimes

      even has strips

The inside is what I really like...

      It’s pink or red and very sweet...

 like cotton candy as it melts in my mouth.

      Juice dribbles down my chin with every bite.

 I like it best cold, be sometimes I just can’t wait....

      And I just gotta have a piece...

 A great big slice...

      Its better than candy or some other gooey treat.

Some people like to sprinkle salt upon it...

      but I like mine, just plain thanks.

The black seeds  that are scattered thorough

     are fun spit right out.

 Let see how far you can make your seeds  go...

 I bet mine will go farther than yours....

Yup, its that time of year, again..

     So get a water melon cut it open and take a bite,

And your mouth and tummy will thank you for

       such a delicious treat

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