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Merry Christmas

Some of my favorite memories of my childhood are of my dad, a soft-spoken German immigrant, well, most of the time he was soft-spoken, but when he was provoked he word growl loudly like an anger bear. Still I have good memories of him, like Christmas time when we would make Christmas cookies together. One type of cookies we would bake would be Räderkuchen, my dad had a different name for them, he called them Höblespane (think that is how you spell it) it means wood chips, like the big ones you get when you plan a board with a hand planer. It was interesting how he would mix the dough, he didn't use a bowl like most folks would do.... Like I do, he measured the ingredients out on to the table and then would slowing mix everything together into a doughball, which he would then roll out and cut in to strips....

The donuts didn't last very long for they were so very yummy.

Vati's Räderkuchen


  • 2 Tbsp butter

  • 1 Tbsp lemon rind

  • 3 Tbsp granulated sugar

  • 3 eggs

  • 3 Tbsp milk

  • 2 cups flour, all-purpose

  • 2 tsp baking powder

  • shortening, for frying

  • sugar


  • On a clean table or counter put flour, sugar, baking powder and mix together with your hands, make a well in to the middle.

  • Cut butter into well and add eggs, lemon rind and milk, knead to a soft dough... do not over knead..

  • Lightly flour rolling area on table, then roll dough out, about 1/4 inch thick,

  • Cut into strips, about 1 inches wide and 3 inches long.

  • About ½ inch from one end of the strip, cut a 1 inch long slot. Pull the long end of the strip through the slot to form a type of curled shape.

  • Heat shortening in a deep saucepan.

  • Gently place donuts into the hot fat and cook until golden brown. (turn them when you see that the edge is golden).

  • Remove donuts, put onto a paper-towel covered plate to drain the fat. While still hot, roll in plain sugar.

Wasn't sure that we would have snow for Christmas for it seems more like spring than winter, and then out of the blue we were hit by a winter storm that left quite a bit of snow on the ground. And it got a lot colder.... yup... winter is here for sure....

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